Margaux has always been drawn to abandoned spaces. She sees beauty in the ruins. She can feel the pulsing of the life that existed in the space before. She likes to visit them alone. Always alone. So that she can be still enough for the former inhabitants to whisper their stories to her. They tell her tales of raucous parties and intimate celebrations. They speak to her about the laughter, tears, triumphs, and disappointments that have taken place in between the walls. She absorbs all the feelings that have passed through these spaces. Although she can feel overwhelmed by all the emotions, she also feels a great sense of power in being the keeper of them. Most of the spaces have been destroyed, picked over, and forgotten. But Margaux has found treasures here. More valuable than gold or diamonds. She walks through the ruins methodically, cataloging everything she sees. As she moves through, she steps carefully to avoid disturbing what remains. In her mind, she is trying to recreate what the spaces looked like at their peak. The information she needs is in what has been left behind, things the vultures had no interest in. After taking inventory, she notes that the dings, scratches, marks, and indentations circumscribe the lives that were lived.